Ushahidi Liberia

Ushahidi Liberia is a non-profit tech company that customizes free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping in Liberia.

Ushahidi Liberia provides free customized mapping technology and ongoing tech support to humanitarian and development actors tracking conflictpeacebuilding and the 2011 electoral process in Liberia. By offering individual maps for partner organizations and aggregated public maps on issues of national concern, Ushahidi Liberia aims to connect people across civil society, government and the media using a common platform for information sharing. 

Ushahidi Liberia is a project of Ushahidi, the tech company born in Kenya dedicated to democratizing information and increasing transparency using flexible and robust open source technology. Our work in Liberia is funded by the US-based charitable foundation,Humanity United

Click here for more information about the Ushahidi platform and its international team; to learn about our partnerships and customized instances in Liberia, visit Our Partners page. And don’t forget to check out what all the fuss is about: iLab Liberia.

At Ushahidi Liberia, I am tasked with a lot of responsibilities, beginning from developing instances, changing codes and making adjustments to partners sites according to their needs, to Internationalizing (translating other sites into different languages –eg. Japan crisis and the Libyan Crisis sites). Our tools; Ushahidi Platform, FrontlineSMS and SMSsync has brought to Liberia a new means of information sharing and availability thereby breaking barrels that prevented information from reaching the public in time. Using these tools, we worked with over sixteen different Organizations, National as well as International. We have also deployed an instance to monitor the Liberia 2011 Elections.

In additions to these, I am charged to overseeing iLab Liberia. An Open-Space for training our partners, tech enthusiast, students in learning geospatial tools like Ushahidi, open source and other free tools for information gathering and sharing.

As a Liberian, I feel so confident that had we had these tools, Liberia civil crisis wouldn’t have extended and lasted so long, because these tools when deploy, can identify conflict, violence, crime while it is still at its low level and generate reports that can be used by stake holders, decision makers and even the community dwellers to tackle and settle the incident while it is still breeding.