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The inner workings of Liberia’s first election map

Ushahidi Liberia work has been nationally considered a new approach to data gathering, data curation, and a unique way forward for information sharing in Liberia. Covering the national elections using mapping technology has given the rest of the world a real-time glance at what was unfolding in Liberia, from the voter registration process to the presidential run-off election. This post will explain how the elections map was customized to suit Liberia’s needs, and how information was shared using the map particularly during critical times like elections day and the run-off.

 The election map, called Liberia 2011 (, is a one-stop shop in terms of reports, results and all related information

concerning the elections. All reports and results are visualized using maps that show where events occurred, as well as voting precincts, polling places, results per county, and candidates per county and districts. Different types of maps were used to display the different kinds of data that were gathered. Read the rest of this entry


Liberia Election: Know you Polling Places

This Map shows all polling places in Liberia by county.