Elections Technology Workshop:June 22 – 24

New Tech at Work -Planning for Liberia's Elections and beyond Presented  
by Google and Ushahidi Liberia

The Event brought together Ushahidi and Crisis Mappers Co-founder and 
Co-Director Patrick Meier, Google representatives -Ginny Hunt & 
Richard Ngamita,Etherton Technologies Managing Partner-John Etherton, 
Information Technology 
Professionals from organizations involved with the upcoming Liberian 2011
Elections, Stakeholders,the Civil Society, Journalists, students and other 

The Event lasted for three days, the first two days took place at *iLab_ Liberia 
and was set aside for Information Technology Professionals and the media, while 
the last day was a general Event.

During the first day, I presented on "Data Curation" in which I described data 
curation as the means and act of organizing and maintaining a collection of 
data - a process of establishing a long term repository of data for current and 
future reference, which comprises of data  management, data sharing, data 
preservation for later re-use. 

I further stressed on data format structure in which I proposed that different 
types of data should be categorized  in separate folders to divide the data 
logically. I aslo gave a data saving format "Year_Month_Date_Author's Name" 
or Month_Day_Year_Author's Name and if modified, 
Month_Day_Year_Author's Name_Mondifier's Name. I said, using these  formats,
will help to make data flexible for retrival when it is being searched for fives 
years from now.

In addition to saving format, applications make a difference when it comes to 
data retrival,stressing that saving data in a more common and universal format 
will enable it to be easily view. Since there are different applications for 
relatively different kinds of files and reports, saving a final version of a 
report as pdf (portable data format) will make it much more easier to access.

On the second day, I along with my colleague Luther Jeke presented on Skype, 
outlining its detail usage and demonstrating every aspect of in which skpye can 
used by organizations, trainers,students and researchers to easily converse, 
share notes, carryout training, host meetings and use for social events.

The general event was held at the PA RibHouse in Monrovia and was attended by 
participants from different works of life. During the Group breakout discussions, 
I lectured and trained my group in installing and using virtualbox.
Virtualbox-VM is Oracle x86 virtualization software package, originally created 
by software company innotek GmbH,purchased by Sun Microsystems, and now 
developed by Oracle Corporation as part of its family of virtualization products. 
It is installed on an existing host operating system; within this application, 
additional guest operating systems,  each known as a Guest OS, can be loaded and 
run, each with its own virtual environment. Virtualbox host operating systems 
include Linux, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Solaris, and 
OpenSolaris; Its guest operating systems include versions and derivations of 
Windows,Linux, BSD, OS/2, Solaris and others. Since release 3.2.0, VirtualBox 
also allows limited virtualization of Mac OS X guests on Apple hardware.
According to 2010 surveys by LinuxJournal.com and LifeHacker.com, VirtualBox was 
the most popular virtualization product with over 50% of the vote.We, along with all the participants had a very great week learning new 
technologies,ranging from using google apps -sites, Calendar, Fusion tables,
forms, document collaboration,google Maps, and Google Search to My maps, 
embedding maps in websites,Flickr, Picasa, blogging,Data CurationUshahidi platform, Twitter, skype,Video streaming over LAN, FrontlineSMS,
Facebook,BaseCamp, Data validation and Analytics,from great presenters like 
Patrick Meier, Ginny Hunt, John Etherton, Kate Cummings, Kpetermeni Siakor,
Richard Ngamita, and Luther Jeke.

About draperc

Information Technology Director Ushahidi Liberia www.linkedin.com/in/carterdraper http://crisismappers.net/profile/carterdraper http://www.ushahidiliberia.com

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